Idle Gossip: Is Joe Scarborough Having an Affair?

So anybody who watches Morning Joe on MSNBC must be thinking what I and many others are thinking: are Joe and Mika having an affair?

Apparently there was some concern a year ago that something was going on between Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski, (both of whom are married, by the by), and anybody who watches now can’t help but wonder:

1) Why Mika needs to accompany Joe all around the country on the tour for his new book, The Last Best Hope, when she has nothing to do with it;

2) Why Joe and Mika always seem to show up so late and/or disheveled looking; and

3) Why the two are practically sitting in each other’s laps during the show. In this clip, notice about a minute and a half in when Mika starts holding Joe’s hand!

Other “evidence”? Joe’s bristling when New York Times interviewer Deborah Solomon asked him why he lived apart from his family, in addition to Joe and Mika’s constant pooh-pooing of the entire Sanford affair, as if it were just a personal peccadillo and not the deep unraveling of a man unfit to serve, and none of our concern. Also, why would Mika go to the trouble to suggest that George Stephanopoulos have Joe as a guest on This Week? Is she really that gaga about him?

Furthermore, there have been whispers of infidelity on Scarborough’s part in the past, which doesn’t help us believe he’s a very good boy.

Now I’m sure there are plenty of reasons to NOT suspect the affair as well. One of which is that the two seem so unpleasant, who would want to sleep with either of them?

UPDATE: Joe Scarborough just posted this piece in reaction to Sarah Palin’s resignation, and he talks about the speculation I noted above that he left office because of an affair; he says he needed to be with his family. My only question to him would be why he is living apart from his family now, as mentioned in the NY Times piece above…it all seems rather disinegenuous.


One response to “Idle Gossip: Is Joe Scarborough Having an Affair?

  1. It does make one wonder. When Joe had his own Show “Scarborough Country” it was AWESOME! And Joe actually had opinions & dug into things. Now, he sits next to Mika, as she squelches him everytime he says something she doesn’t agree with, makes snide comments throughout the show, & It is like Joe has just lost what he had, & goes along with Mika…Also, if Joe left congress to be with his family more, then why is he apart from them just as much now? makes no sense! Yet, They want to critisize Sarah Palin? Seems to me Sarah Palin intimidates ALOT of people!

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